Blonde bombshell and Conservative MP for Lichfield Michael Fabricant took to the mic at a local festival in his constituency recently. Scrapbook apologises in advance for possibly the worst rendition of Bob Dylan’s “The Times Are a Changing” of all time:

No stranger to creative endeavours, Fabricant was formerly an adviser to the BBC for their acclaimed political drama series House of Cards, in which he appears in a cameo role as a fictional member of parliament.

Perhaps he should stick to acting.

  1. The late Edward Heath once asked Michael Fabricant if he was wearing a wig. Fabricant admitted his luxuriant locks were indeed a wig. ‘Well, it’s not a very good one,’ sniffed Heath as he stalked off.

  2. Another exra-ordinary rendition that should not have taken place. I have not delved any further into it as it would be too painful to do so.

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