Boris Johnson has doubled the wage of a key ally to make him the highest paid councillor in the country. Daniel Moylan’s taxpayer-funded salary has jumped £55,000 to £131,597 after Boris approved a gigantic increase in his pay packet as London’s three-day-weekend deputy transport chief.

Moylan’s pay bump sees him beat the previous record held by another of Boris Johnson’s cronies, Steve O’Connell, according to a leaked letter seen by the Sunday Mirror. While former banker O’Connell defended his £118,511 by claiming “I’m worth it”, his package is trumped by Moylan’s three jobs:

  • £115,000 for four days a week at TfL (doubled from £60,000)
  • £10,597 as a councillor in Kensington and Chelsea
  • £6,000 as member of London Waste and Recycling Board

A spokesperson for Boris Johnson, who dismissed the £250,000 he receives for his Telegraph column as “chicken feed”, claimed yesterday that: “His pay ­reflects his key role in helping improve services for ­millions of passengers.”

Moylan, described by the Evening Standard as “naturally sinister”, saw his bids to secure Westminster selection for the safe Kensington and Chelsea seat rejected as members thought that he was “too arrogant”.

That’s quite something coming from Kensington and Chelsea Tories.

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