Revelations that a Conservative campaign organisation profited by selling access to parliament brought angry denials from implicated Tory MP Greg Hands, who resorted to quoting gangsta rap lyrics at the Political Scrapbook team.

Conservatives at Imperial College sold tickets for a “Houses of Parliament Tour with Greg Hands” — and while he did not benefit personally from the arrangement, speaker John Bercow’s official website states clearly that these must still not be sold for profit:

“MPs can sponsor tours of Parliament for constituents who would like to visit. Tours are given to constituents free of charge, and must NOT be sold for profit to third parties.”

Hands initially tried to dodge accusations by stating that he did not conduct the tour personally. But official records obtained by Scrapbook under freedom of information show Greg Hands arranged a 75-minute tour for 20 people on the same date and time that student Tories have already admitted he sponsored access:

“The Conservative Society at Imperial College sold the tickets in order to raise funds from their members to fund further events.”

If all the places were taken, this generated a tidy profit of £100 for the Imperial College Conservative Society — a party political campaigning organisation.

Hands should note what happened to the last MP implicated in charging for access.

  1. Surely he has to be punished. If he is not I will personally take a vanload of labour students to parliament everyweek. We could line up the labour MPs to spread our support more widely. I am sure our society could do with an extra £100.
    (we will not be doing this of course before some Tory takes it out of context)

    This should be a bigger story than it is. Do we really want people paying for the access to parliament? Surely not. Do we want that money going to party political campaigns? Definately not.

  2. You don’t have to pay to view the debates in Parliament – just join the queue at Cromwell Green entrance. The public can pay for guided tours on Saturdays or in recess, or be sponsored by their local MP (although these aren’t normally charged for)

  3. Dave, it is not a question of ‘not normally paid for’ it is a question of it being against the rules for them to be charged for ever!

    Don’t you see how this is wrong?

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