Scourge of News Corporation Tom Watson gave his most personal account yet of the phone hacking scandal at GMB Congress yesterday. Referring to Rupert Murdoch’s regular audiences with British prime ministers, the West Bromwich East MP told delegates:

“When it comes to secret liaisons in Downing Street, after only a year, David Cameron’s back passage is already well worn by Mr Murdoch.”

As if a media mogul dictating your economic policy wasn’t bad enough?

  1. Hmm, would that be the same Tom Watson of the Labour Party, the party that sucked Murdoch’s cock for over ten years, that courted The Sun and the News of the World and pandered to their editorial policy in order to get positive backing, whose leader (the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) travelled 12,000 miles to the other side of the globe when summoned by him?

    Yes, it would.

    The Labour Party are historical revisionists of the highest order. He’s your best friend when The Sun back you; he’s the antichrist when The Sun drops you. Compare Polly’s whining about the “Murdoch media cabal” being dangerous for democracy. Yes Polly, that would the the cabal which backed Labour for over a decade.

    Watson is Prescott but with less brains.

  2. When will people like Watson learn that the use of playground insults and homophobic innuendo serves only to discredit himself and his party? Well, I hope he had a good giggle behind the bikesheds.

  3. Note how Political Scrapbook attacks Tory students for some inappropriate comments said in jest, but fail to criticise Watson for his homophobic innuendo in a formal speech.

    It’s never been more obvious that this blog serves the Labour Party directly and is fed stories and editorial lines by Labour apparatchiks. At least Guido goes after politicians of all hues; according to this site, it’s only blues and yellows who ever do wrong.

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