The growing scandal around Ken Clarke’s disgusting remarks on rape brought the following observation from Fraser Nelson earlier this afternoon:

“By my count, this is five Cabinet members now in ‘dead man walking’ category: Clarke, Cable, Huhne, Spelman, Lansley. #zombiecabinet”

Will someone please put them out of their misery?

  1. Simontheeditor says:

    What about the Cleggster? I don’t suppose you can sack the leader of your coalition partners, but he is definitely one of the walking dead.

  2. I think you need to stand up your comment about Kenn Clarke’s “disgusting” remarks on rape. He was drawing a distinction between consensual sex involving two teenagers, the female of whom was under 16 and therefore cannot be deemed in law to have consented, and non-consensual sex. He also commented, if I heard him correctly, that the current term of 5 years is inadequate.

  3. Stupid lies about Ken Clarke. A 16 year old girl sleeping with a 15 year old boy is technically rape. But it’s not serious. Grow up and stop lying about it.

  4. This website is astonishingly courageous. To have published so much clear and unambigous libel the proprieters must be either amazingly rich or less important than last night’s pavement pizzas in Tower Hamlets.

  5. The photoshop makes them all look like blue cheese.

    Also, I thought this was going to be about the really old MPs that’ll literally die first. I need to read better.

  6. @Charlie2: What have we “lied” about? Surely his remarks being “disgusting” is a matter of opinion?

    @Barry: His remarks were much broader than the scenario you outline. As for standing things up, you might want to take a look at today’s front pages.

    @Aron Lippe: Would you care to go into specifics? If you can’t back that up I’m deleting your comment.

    @Celia: Funny you should say that. Look what we used as the texture!

  7. Ivor the Boneless says:

    The Ken Clarke issue is about plea bargaining across a range of offenses. He got ambushed by the British Bolshevik Corporation and ballsed up. Plea bargaining has been in use previous to this government along with sentencing guidelines for a range of offenses, so he unwisely stated what already exists. The media of course manufactured a storm and Millitwat immediately jumped on the bandwagon at PMQs. With all that righteous indignation being expressed from the opposition front bench I look forward to them asking for a reintroduction of capital punishment for murder and rape as being the only way forward to quell such a blatant liberalisation of detailed sentencing practices as previously practiced.

  8. I think he was just very poor at trying to say what he’s getting at. What I think he was trying to get at is that there are a broad range of scenarios (from consenting underage teenagers through to violent assault and rape) which are simply termed “rape” and that yes, there are therefore some acts which are termed rape which are not as serious.

    I’m not as sure what he was trying to say about date rape but what I think I heard in the interview was him saying, much the same, that “date rape” can cover a broad range of circumstances.

    As to the actual policy. I would agree that getting criminals to confess early is a good idea but I think they’re going about it the wrong way. A better way to achieve the same results would be to increase sentences for those who do not confess, rather than reducing them for those that do. In that way you get your incentive to confess early, increase potential prison sentences for rapists and can therefore satisfy the public by seeming to be tough on crime. That’s how I’d go about it anyway.

  9. John Fossey says:

    This blog entry comes across as Photoshop plugin looking for a story, only Huhne will go and frankly good riddance, but that’s hardly cutting edge political journalism is it, my nan could have told you that.

    I would be rather more concerned about Milliband’s tenure as party leader, hopelessly inept and his call for Clarke’s head was woefully misjudged.

  10. brendabruce says:

    Oy John Fossey….don’t be so nanist……I’m a nan, and I’m quite clever actually.

  11. Gillian Kalter says:

    Yes John Fossey, why are you making “nanist” comments? I am not a nan but I could be. This is just another example of not thinking things through before you express yourself… like Ken Clarke.

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