Who will be the first lefty to condemn the “murder” of Osama bin Laden? Odds as follows:

  • George Galloway – evens
  • Noam Chomsky – 4/1
  • Glenn Greenwald – 5/1
  • Alex Callinicos – 9/2
  • Robert Fisk – 12/1
  • Johann Hari – 20/1
  • Nick Griffin – 1000/1

As David Aaranovitch observed earlier:

“Hamas leader Ismail Haniya has condemned Bin Laden’s killing. Can George Galloway be far behind?”

  1. Incidentally Greenwald has already stated his position.

    I’d have strongly preferred that Osama bin Laden be captured rather than killed so that he could be tried for his crimes and punished in accordance with due process (and to obtain presumably ample intelligence). But if he in fact used force to resist capture, then the U.S. military was entitled to use force against him, the way American police routinely do against suspects who use violence to resist capture. But those are legalities and they will be ignored even more so than usual.


  2. Richard Sparrow says:

    @Ned @applecup

    The BNP’s economic policies are socialist in nature technically making him a lefty

  3. “Since when was Nick Griffin a lefty?”

    Since he first started believing in National Socialism.

  4. @Richard Sparrow

    Erm..take a look at their 2010 manifesto. Among the BNP’s ‘left-wing’ economic commitments and beliefs are:

    ‘Cutting back all unnecessary layers of government which have been artificially created by years of politically correct Labour and Tory rule.’

    ‘Ending the £9 billion foreign aid budget’

    ‘The raising of the inheritance tax threshold to £1 million’

    ‘Personal tax is far too high. Billions of pounds can be slashed off government spending.’

  5. Odds on Žižek?

    I assumed the inclusion of Griffin on the list was a farce in order to show the other extreme end of the scale…?

  6. Offensive rubbish. I’m not fan of Galloway but his position here is clear:

    “I despise Osama Bin Laden, the mediaeval obscurantist savage. The difference is I have always despised him, even when Britain and America were giving him weapons money diplomatic and political support”

  7. Tax Payers Alliance (TPA) report on death of Bin Laden

    “Greedy public sector workers with pensions, kill prominent self made Saudi businessman”

  8. Lewis Parker says:

    Looks like we’re paying out on Greenwald at 4/1. As much as I admire Glenn and drool at every well-reasoned argument he makes, I can’t see how they could have considered taking him alive.

    Even if he did stand trial, I find it hard to believe he’d escape the death penalty anway.

  9. Lewis Parker says:

    Just in case you thought I was advocating the assassination of the American political commentator Glenn Greenwald in the above comment, I should clarify that it was Osama bin Laden’s assassination I was referring to.

    @Tom: the video you sent us was uploaded by George Galloway today, but it’s not clear when he was making those remarks, or if he was referring to Bin Laden directly. If it turns out Galloway was condemning the Bin Laden killing as well (rather than posting some earlier comments he made about assassinations in general), it looks like we could soon have a whole Supreme Court-bench’s worth of lefty types doing what they do best: expecting their ideals to be applied in the most extreme of situations, with little or no regard for the challenges of the real world.

    I bet Chomsky is sat in Cambridge, MA. penning a devastating rebuke of President Obama’s latest murder spree right now.

  10. Galloway: “I despise Osama Bin Laden, the mediaeval obscurantist savage. The difference is I have always despised him, even when Britain and America were giving him weapons money diplomatic and political support.”

    That speech which won me the parliamentary debater of the year award was given on the recall of the commons after 9/11. Younger readers may be unaware that the Osama Bin Laden killed yesterday was once a key member of the western coalition fighting the Russians in Afghanistan.


  11. There are plenty of capitalists who are fighting over the rights of Bin Laden – The movie rights.

  12. I can’t believe the number of people’s heads the Nick Griffin comment has gone over. It’s a joke, of course he’s not a lefty, look at his odds you wallies.

  13. Those naughty lefties always spoiling the fun when our fine chaps from from Eton, winners of upper class twit of the year award all, spoil the fun for our jolly old chaps selling weapons to kill the bad guys, as the yankees say, in the Middle East and the droning on about serial murder , as if children women and children were of any importance to anybody (well they are aren’t upper class British after all.)

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