It’s over eleven months until he faces voters in London but Boris Johnson and his campaign team have already smeared several individuals and organisations who oppose his Conservative agenda. His remarks about UK Uncut, ranging from hyperbole to outright lies, came to the fore yesterday after he struggled to justify them in a City Hall written answer.

Scrapbook has been back through the archives to compile this video:

You dirty little liar, Boris.

  1. This loathsome lying creep..but you;d know about trouble wouldnt you Boris? bullingdon boys club getting rat arsed smashing up restaurants and looting fortnums..tut tut..

  2. Hypocrite. He was one of those Bulingdon boys that destroyed peoples buisnesses & restaraunts for fun and then walked away with no responsibility. Because they just dropped a cheque for their fun & had wealthy parents, the police, knowing they would not succeed, never prosecuted these posh thugs.
    That is so much worse than trying to change society for the good so that this rich elite cant just walk away from their crimes & responsibilities.

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