Tories Zac Goldsmith and Louise Bagshawe are topping a poll of the most attractive members of parliament. The website displays pictures of two randomly selected MPs, with visitors encouraged to click on the lawmaker they prefer.

Scrapbook is sad to report that Conservatives dominate in both male and female categories. While Mandelson’s pal Tristram Hunt and the troubled  David Laws put in a good showing at #2 and #9 respectively, the top 12 male otherwise go to Tories, including Brian Ferry impressionist James Morris.

For the women, the SNP’s Eilidh Whiteford is a tartan outpost in a top ten otherwise dominated by Conservatives. The poll represents something of a fall from favour for Labour’s dusky Luciana Berger who, having topped a similar poll for Sky News in February, is relegated to 12th place behind her colleague Liz Kendal.

Sexiest Male MPs

Sexiest Female MPs

This is the one political poll in which “years of experience” is a disadvantage.

  1. Thomas Hobbes says:

    Whoever it is that bumped Margaret Beckett to #1 – seek help, you are a very ill person.

  2. Re Eilidh Whiteford’s incorrect moniker, if they’re going to make mistakes, they should do so with the ugly ones that nobody will notice.

    Dr Whiteford is a cracker!

  3. David Freestone says:

    I think i would definitely do Mary MacLeod, she’s gorgeous :O). Closely followed by Penny Mordaunt ;o)

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