In what is sure to be added to the long list of anecdotal sexism on the parliamentary estate, a middle-aged male MP attempted to throw a younger female colleague out of a lift reserved for members this afternoon. It seems our villain assumed 34 year-old Stella Creasy was a researcher rather than the, erm, MP for Walthamstow.

Dr. Creasy continued:

“He came storming in and said neither of us could read as it was a lift for wheelchair users and MPs only … he demanded to see my badge.”

Widely considered to be a rising star within her own party, it seems somewhat unlikely a Labour member would fail to recognise her (and vice-versa). With a modest number of “right on” Indy-reading Liberal Democrats, suspicion will inevitably fall on the Tories’ sizeable contingent of dinosaurs.

Does anyone have any idea who this is?

  1. How stupid is this woman? Why didn’t she tell hime to get out of the lift as it was for members??????

  2. “tried to throw me out of the members’ lift” – i.e. physically pushed her, rather than just said some things.
    In other words Stella Creasy writes a libellous thing which is not true.
    Mind you, as she is an MP that untruthfulness doesn’t come as any surprise.

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