Despite the UK leading the world in the effectiveness of its aid programmes, Tory MP Philip Davies is all over the Daily Mail and Express today claiming that we are a “soft touch” on assistance given to poor countries:

“Once again we’re the soft touch of the international community … We must be stark raving mad.”

Could this possibly be the very same Philip Davies who bombarded equalities chiefs with a series of 19 letters in which he claimed that there was nothing offensive about blacking up? The MP asked:

“why it is so offensive to black up your face, as I have never understood this”

The Lord Ashcroft-backed Tory also demanded to know whether the women-only Orange prize for fiction discriminates against men, whether the Metropolitan Black Police Association breaches the law by restricting its membership to black people and whether discrimination laws ought to be extended “to cover bald people (and perhaps fat people and short people)”.

It seems that promulgating offensive right-wing views in the guise of “political correctness” is something of a hereditary condition as far as Davies is concerned.

As Mayor of Doncaster his father campaigned to remove council support for a gay pride march.

  1. Thomas Hobbes says:

    “As Mayor of Doncaster his father campaigned to remove council support for a gay pride march.”

    Quite right. If you’re so proud, pay for it yourself.

  2. The first line on the Metropolitan Police Association Website is:

    “The NBPA is open to all in policing on application, there is no bar to membership based on colour”.

    Shame Tory MP knows nothing is not news.

  3. Katya Kitchingman says:

    Also one of the only Tory MP’s (any party for that matter) to have voted AGAINST the equality bill. Wonder how many of his female voters are aware of this?

  4. Siôn Jones says:

    Perhaps he would like to add ‘being an idiot’ to the equality law, just in case his views catch up with him?

  5. Blacking up isn’t taking food out of the mouths of poor people in England…neither is it hurting anyone anywhere, giving foreign aid to India so that it can build nuclear bombs and send probes to the moon is.

    The liberal elite who rule this country just don’t have a clue; they have no idea about how much poverty there is in this country. Several years ago when I was doing voluntary work I was in the office when a woman came in and a few minutes later fainted because she hadn’t eaten for three days…then there was the man walking fifteen miles a day to attend college because he couldn’t afford the bus fare…and of course, there’s myself, diagnosed with chronic bronchitis three years ago because for ten years I couldn’t afford to heat the house properly during the winter.

    Charity begins at home Mr. Cameron…mind you, your family doesn’t need any.

  6. Katya Kitchingman says:

    Lee- So blacking up isn’t as bad as murder either. It is still abhorrently divisive and plain wrong. As for aid, why should imaginary boundaries on a map dictate which individuals are given aid? We are world citizens as well as British citizens.

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