The Telegraph lead today with the headline “Doctors praise benefits of health reforms”. The “most elderly, infirm and vulnerable” in society, we are told, will receive “enormous benefits” from Andrew Lansley’s controversial marketisation of public health.

The letter, signed by GPs who chair commissioning consortia and stand to benefit from the Health Bill, was co-ordinated by one Dr Jonathan Munday. Oddly, the article fails to mention that Munday is the former Conservative mayor of Kensington and Chelsea, or that the whole letter was leaked to the Guardian and several blogs along with a confidential media strategy to bolster the health secretary:

“I propose that we jointly write an open letter to Mr Cameron via the Times, the Telegraph, the Mail and the Today programme.”

Of the four prominent outlets targeted in this “save Lansley” exercise, the only one prepared to regurgitate this spin was the Torygraph.

Could Lansley’s friends in the media be deserting him?

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