It seems Tory MP Greg Hands has been implicated in charging for access to the Houses of Parliament. As disgraced Tory Jonathan Sayeed discovered, being linked to an organisation collecting a fee for a tour of the “mother of all parliaments” can land you in a whole lot of trouble. Indeed, the Speaker’s website states clearly that third parties should not benefit financially:

“MPs can sponsor tours of Parliament for constituents who would like to visit. Tours are given to constituents free of charge, and must NOT be sold for profit to third parties.”

So what were Imperial College Conservative Students doing charging an admission fee for a tour “with Greg Hands”?

The sums may be smaller than Sayeed but it Hands is still party to an arrangement whereby a Conservative campaign organisation profits from access to the parliamentary estate.

Come on, freshers! A fiver for a Hands-job?

  1. Just checking – has the MP broken the rules and sold the tickets, or has he given them away and the other organisation is selling them?

    Offering tours of Parliament as prizes etc in raffles is common-practice, so long as the MP/Peer does not benefit personally.

  2. So Greg, did or did not the Imperial College Conservative Association offer tickets for a tour billed as being with you for sale?

    Does the speakers website say third parties shouldn’t benefit financially? Are the Imperial College CA a third party? Please note that nowhere does it say you gained financially.

    So you were saying?

    Also why are you trying to quote hip hop? You’re a Tory MP for gods sake man. Almost as cringeworthy as Bagshawe on HIGNFY.

    Stick to making unfunny comments about Gordon Brown.



  3. Not to be pedantic Political Scrapbook but, the Serjeant at Arms is a woman!

    ‘And on your left is the Serjeant at Arms’ office. But tell her this tour is free, okay?

  4. Absolute twaddle. The Conservative Society at Imperial College sold the tickets in order to raise funds from their members to fund further events. Nothing to do with Greg Hands. Also as the tickets were limited in number (10 or so), the small fee was charged by the society as it would be unfair to those who wanted to come along but couldn’t if there were no shows. At the time, October 2009, I believe 5 pounds was the minimum amount one could charge to sell tickets online through the student union.
    Also, Imperial College is not in Greg Hands constituency, it was merely a kind gesture by him.
    ConSoc Chair, Imperial College London 2011-2012

  5. @ConSoc: Oh, dear. You’ve dropped him in it, I’m afraid.

    Read our post carefully. We never claimed that he had profited personally but that he allowed a Conservative Party campaign organisation to do so. In trying to rebut an accusation we weren’t making you’ve confirmed the one which we were. Thank you!

  6. IC Student says:

    @ConSoc While Imperial College itself may not be within Greg Hands’ constituency, the vast majority of students cannot afford to live with the rich in South Kensington so live in Greg Hands’ constituency of Fulham or neighbouring Hammersmith.

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