Our post on Greg Hands’ apparent involvement in charging for access to the parliamentary estate found the Tory MP demanding an apology from Political Scrapbook this week. And what better way for a middle-aged white man to chastise others than quoting the gangsta rapper Ice Cube:

“Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.”

In a comment on this website, however, the chair of Imperial College Conservatives dropped the Chelsea and Fulham MP in it by admitting they had, in fact, profited from the sale of tickets for a tour which he sponsored in breach of rules which state passes “must NOT be sold for profit to third parties”.

“The Conservative Society at Imperial College sold the tickets in order to raise funds from their members to fund further events.”

It looks like he’ll be the one doing the apologising.

  1. To be absolutely clear, we are not claiming that Greg Hands profited personally from this arrangement. By sponsoring the tour, however, he enabled a political campaign group to profit by selling tickets to a third party (in this case Imperial College students).

  2. And he charged a fiver? I keep thinking of Rick talking to Ugarte in Casablanca: “I don’t mind a parasite – I object to a cut-price one”.

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