After yet another appeal hit the buffers, adoption charity Catholic Care is to launch its FOURTH legal bid to prevent gay couples from using its adoption service. The agency, which is run by the Catholic Diocese of Leeds, has failed repeatedly to convince a tribunal that it would be forced to close, leaving children unadopted.

The Bishop of Leeds, Arthur Roche, was left-red faced during proceedings when he accidentally contradicted policies of the charity on single parent adoption and same sex fostering. The appeal failed after he was unable to defend his hard-line stance of rejecting re-structuring arrangements which had been adopted by other Catholic adoption agencies.

Perhaps the Bishop and other trustees should pay more attention to their mission statement, which lists equity as one of the “values, principles and practice that underpin our work”:

“Equity — opportunity for all people to be part of an inclusive and diverse organisation that celebrates difference and creates relationships of mutual respect. Our services are delivered without favour or discrimination. Access to services is determined by need.”

But not if you’re gay, it seems.

  1. It shows the utter hypocrisy of this particular “Faith” and how it wishes to engage with society strictly on it’s own unpractical, biased terms.
    Placing a child is about giving the child LOVE! What better love is from two people who show objective tolerance & sincere love far and beyond any traditional norm.

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