Boris Johnson has been caught fabricating lies to smear anti-cuts protesters. London’s mayor floundered when asked to justify his remarks on Question Time in March that the occupation of Fortnum & Mason by UK Uncut┬áresulted in substantial damage to the store:

They did tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage”

But with a spokesperson for Fortnum & Mason confirming damage was minimal, London Assembly member Navin Shah asked Boris Johnson to provide evidence to support his claim. The fibbing mayor responded with platitudes:

“The point that I was making was that the occupation of Fortnum and Mason was pure vandalism … The fact that Fortnum and Mason is owned by a charitable foundation, provides many jobs and pays its taxes was clearly lost on these ‘activists’.”

That’s the same body that was exposed by the Charity Commission as a vehicle to channel donations to the Conservative Party.

  1. Could it be when Boris threw a brick through a restaurant window while at Oxford and in being a member of the notorious Bullingdon Club, that was acceptable behaviour and so simply occupying a restaurant is outlandish is not!! Double standards again Boris…

  2. Unfortunately, Boris Johnson’s lie will be the one remembered by most people.
    “Minimal Damage” is not that memorable and not as exciting.

  3. “We got drunk, trashed the Ritz & then went down Piccadilly to loot a few items from Fortnums” – Boris Johnson Autobiography in reference to the Bullingdon Club 1986

  4. the quicker this tub of lard with his f* ed views gets kicked out of office the better..
    thank you Al for that quote btw…what a loathsome creep..

  5. Uncut are thugs and should be jailed and long may Boris be Major, better him than that crook red ken.

  6. Arthur; ‘Uncut are thugs’. OK, give us one single shred of evidence for that remark. Sounds like the Tory habit of spreading lies and smears in the hope that some of it sticks is one they just can’t resist.

  7. Mike Renwick says:

    Nick I’m not worried when I here people like”Arthur” parroting the politics of suppression of basic freedoms . “He” is entitled to his misguided views. No doubt he is part of the “If you’ve done nothing wrong you’ve no need to fear brigade”
    As you say, no evcidence, just a bald statement backing up Boris the Buffoon.

  8. Didn’t uncut smash a Tescos up recently.

    As for Boris, he is doing a far better job than red Ken the Islamist, some one who invites Islamic hate preachers who preach violence against gays and women. Some one who made an anti jewish remark to a journalist.
    Did not Ken also back the newly elected major of Tower Hamlets, who was thrown out of the Labour party for trying to subvert it.

    Boris seems to me to be doing a reasonable job, like his bike scheme, which is helping to get cars off the road.

  9. @Arthur: I sincerely hope you never decide to breed… No, UK Uncut did not smash up a “Tescos” (as you seem to think it’s called). Do you actually know anything about them and their views, or just what you heard some bloke say down the pub?
    This article isn’t comparing Boris Johnson to his predecessor, btw…

  10. So what was the riot in Bristol then, are not the UAF,SWP and the anarchist all in uncut and from where I’m standing they are pretty violent.

    Don’t go to pubs, don’t drink much.

    As for the personal insult, I’ll ignore that.

    If you reckon that I don’t know much about your campaign then would you not have been better trying to explain, rather than insulting.

  11. This website is posting a totally fictitious quote from Al.

    If you read boris Johnson’s bio. from cover to cover, you will never find that quote and I will pay a hundred pounds to anyone who proves me wrong. That quote is a lie, made up for a joke by a tweeter named @tomscorza. He was made to publish an apology and print a retraction, tweet him and check.

    So this blog prints trash too.

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