It’s amazing how brand conscious fascists are these days. The BNP’s moronic “National Nominating Officer” has dispatched a mass email to the British media this morning complaining that they are still using the party’s old logo rather than the new one they stole from the Conservatives.

It has come to our attention that some media outlets and publications are still using our old logo (BNP with union flag infill).

Please accept this communication as written official notification that we, the British National Party, have changed our official logo from the letters BNP with union flag infill to the stylised heart with union flag infill and the words ‘British National Party’ beside the heart.

From now on, we request you use the new official logo, registered with the Electoral Commission, which we supply here in high resolution:

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Clive Jefferson
National Nominating Officer

It has been said that a logo should reflect and reinforce a brand’s core values.

So what’s wrong with a good old swastika?

  1. John Beatson says:

    Didn’t believe that the BNP were around in 1939 and never have known them use the swastika logo, but perhaps you must know some thing others don’t know

  2. Fascists have always been fashion conscious: don’t forget Hugo Boss designed and produced the SS uniforms in the 1930s.

    Off topic but worth remembering (just because, m’k?) is that the Daily Mail supported fascism in the same period, with the classic 1934 strapline “Hurrah for the Blackshirts!”

  3. Media send mass complaints about BNP, 99.9 percent is just propaganda.
    Anyone or anything that stands up for Britain now days is automatically branded a racist. what hope do the British have against that Jewish media?

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