UPDATE: Apparently the children’s minister concerned was not Sarah Teather, as stated here previously, but her junior, Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families Tim Loughton. This gives us the perfect opportunity to reprint the front cover of Community Care magazine, from which Loughton pleads pathetically: “I want to be your friend”!

Though the prime minister’s Benny Hill reference has caught the imagination of the media, Scrapbook’s favourite moment from PMQs were these choice words from John Bercow to recalcitrant Liberal Democrat frontbencher Sarah Teather Conservative MP Tim Loughton:

“The Minister for Children is not obligated to behave like a child. It isn’t necessary.”

However there is no issue with ministers in this portfolio looking like children.

  1. Shame he nicked it, David Cameron said it to Ed Balls while he was Children’s Secretary in the last government.

  2. Jenny Abbott says:

    Obligated! OBLIGATED!!! This is an MP speaking American! I’m so bloody sick of this americanisation!

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