The squeeze message might be effective for the Yes to AV campaign, especially in North London where this leaflet was being distributed. But it’s a bit of a gaffe to hand out your day of poll cards seven days early:

“In today’s referendum on a fairer voting system, whose side are you on? … VOTE YES. Today”

Cue scenes of bemused Londoners wondering why so many children are in the polling station.

  1. Gary Pepworth says:

    I can’t see what is written above the word Labour, however it looks as if the promoter of the leaflet is is implying that the Labour Party is in favour of AV. They may need a good lawyer.

  2. I think, Gary, that it might say “the leadership of Labour”, which I guess is accurate, but it does appear designed to give people that Labour supports AV.

    More annoying to me is the suggestion that we should vote to change our voting system because the BNP support the “no” campaign, which is pathetic. Yes, I know the other side in the AV debate are just as bad.

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