A Tory MP whose office told constituents he was too busy to respond to their emails purchased a £750 iPad on expenses. The office of Mid-Norfolk MP George Freeman told constituents who contacted him regarding NHS reforms that he couldn’t be bothered to write back to them:

“Due to the overwhelming volume of correspondence George has received about the Health and Social Care Bill, and the changing nature of this issue, he has decided to address as many of your concerns as possible through a statement on his website. This can be found at http://www.georgefreeman.co.uk/content/health-and-social-care-bill.

He hopes that this statement will answer all of your queries, and he will endeavour to keep it up to date with his views on the latest developments in relation to this matter.

Unfortunately, he will not be able to expand upon this statement, and suggests that you monitor his website for his latest reaction to any new developments.”

With his staff rebuffing emails from constituents on his behalf, Scrapbook cannot help but wonder what on earth he needs a top-of-the-range iPad for. A claim available on the IPSA website shows the MP spent £754 on an “iPad and accessories”:

As he finds emailing constituents so confusing, perhaps he should bill taxpayers for some IT training too?

  1. What a waste of publlic money. Who oversees what expenses are valid? Anyone with common-sense who watched the expenses scandal unfold should know that this is not acceptable. What’s wrong with his laaptop, which I’m assuming he also owns claimed on expenses?

  2. Copy and Paste governance. The future has arrived. Its amazing that they are still going with this sort of thing. Just goes to show how powerless we are to have an impact on these people.

    Hopefully AV will be a step towards MPs being a touch more accountable. Not going to hold my breath though.

  3. If he’s getting that many emails about the subject and sincerely can’t reply to them all, then why doesn’t he get off of his arse and organise a public meeting with his constituents, so they can put questions directly to him?

    Time/money saver and everyone’s a winner.

  4. I was wondering how he paid that much for an iPad when the most expensive one on sale is £659, with 3g and a 64gb hardrive, but I see he spent an extra £95 on other stuff. Leather case at £59 perhaps, plus a Digital AV Adapter at £35, so he can do his ‘work’ on his home tv.

  5. This article highly sensationalist. The topic of the NHS reforms are ever evolving so an MP can hardly be expected to write a letter to each constituent whenever something changes. Having a statement that he will update if and when needed is better than sending constituents out of date arguments.

    Re the public meeting idea, nobody really knows what is happening with the NHS reforms so what is he to do set up a meeting and say ‘I don’t know’, surely not.

    MPs are not lazy individuals who sit around and do nothing….or as the recent Yes in May broadcast will have you believe, claiming frivolities on the taxpayer, they work bloody hard. I think its high time that this disgusting tide of anti-politics stops.


  6. You’re an idiot, Kat.

    But just to prove me wrong, tell me you think euthanasia is wrong.

    Or you can prove me right by valuing Tony Blair’s life and saying that he’s not a war criminal.

    Either way, you’re probably very lazy yourself.

  7. Seriously though, I want half a dozen examples of MPs “working hard”, because you gave none in your dismissal of everyone else’s opinion other than yours.

  8. “This is a profoundly stupid story. Perhaps he got the iPad to reply to consituents’ emails on?”

    Then, erm, why didn’t he?

  9. @kat : So the NHS reforms are ever evolving meaning he couldn’t respond to every email, yet all he would say at a public meeting would be “I don’t know”?

    Here’s an idea: put “I don’t know” into a polite email perhaps?

  10. The idea that he needs an iPad to answer his emails is absurd. Based on the functionality needed for his job, he wouldn’t have to spend more than a few hundred quid to purchase a solid, reliable laptop.

    If he wants to buy an iPad he can do so with his salary, not with your or my fucking tax money, thank you very much.

  11. the reason he doesnt know is that its a stupid ‘reform’ that no one really wants anyway apart from the sleazebuckets queuing up to dip their snouts in the snouts in the trough.. he should post on his website I KNOW Notheeeng! that way he can deny any responsbility when it all goes pearshaped…oh silly thought here..i rather think being an MP is about helping your constituents isnt it? isnt that his bloody job? if it were joe blogs and couldnt be arsed to go into work they would be sacked…this xxxx should be!!..arrogant twat…btw can we have the money back soon some of us are dying and being made homeless..but you dont give a sh*t do you? bye bye must dash off to the boardroom and play with my new toy…

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