A row over a BNP-backed council candidate exploded onto Twitter last night, with Tory MP Louise Bagshawe claiming she couldn’t remember a prominent far-right activist who stood against her in the general election.

The Conservative Party candidate for Shire Lodge ward on Corby Borough Council has been formally nominated by the BNP’s candidate for Corby, Roy Davies, along with another known BNP member and activist Denise Stellars. But despite Davies being one of just three candidates to stand against her in the marginal Northamptonshire seat and refusing to share a platform with him on election night, Louise Bagshawe claimed she couldn’t recall who Davies was:

“I don’t know who he is. couldn’t name him with a gun to my head. I see ‘BNP’ and walk off. They deserve no further attention.”

Prompting the row with him on Twitter yesterday, the chair of Corby and East Northants Labour Party, Kevin McKeever has written to Bagshawe asking for a full explanation:

Can you clarify as a matter of public concern why a Conservative candidate has sought the support of high-profile BNP members? Does this represent a policy or tactical decision by the Conservative Party locally? And if not, will you and your local Association distance yourself from your BNP-backed candidate?

Bagshawe almost certainly had nothing to do with the formalities of council selections — but she did stand in a fiercely fought election against the prominent BNP activist.

Rather than address legitimate questions she claims “I don’t know who he is”.

  1. Reasoned Debate says:

    Complete non-story.
    This is really poor stuff, come on guys!

    Tory MP says she can’t remember someone who nominated a council candidate who stood for BNP…. WHO CARES!??

    With the amount of coverage the BNP gets on this blog, anyone would think they were about to take over the government.

  2. But why not simply address the issue head on rather than throw up chaff? How dismissive Bagshawe was is an issue — and claiming that she doesn’t know who the bloke is is ridiculous.

  3. Subcomandante says:

    Who cares ? The people of Corby care that’s who, I care as a voter in Corby – that the BNP are supporting the Tories. It’s worrying enough the amount of votes they got in the last election, and now they’re working side by side with the Tories in my town ?

  4. Anyone who has ever stood for elected office will probably have experienced that feeling of desperately trying to find 10 people who live in the ward to Propose, Second and Assent to the nomination, especially if it’s not the ward they live in or where they have a strong chance of winning (this reads to me like not thinking through the implications rather than seeking BNP “endorsement” – it’s a stretch to say that this equates to “BNP backing”).

  5. I would probably bet that the Tory candidate atetnded a meeting of the local neighbourhood association which is effectively run by the 2 BNP people mentioned. Then, probably unknowingly, accepoted their offer to sign the nomination forms.

    The next question is ‘will they now be expelled from the BNP by Gri££in for ‘supporting’ what they call the ‘liblabcon’ – purges are due to start again after 5th May. We may also see the local mini-fuhrer in Wellingborough on the list for his comments on Clive Jefferson, Gi££in’s ‘new best mate’
    Personally – can’t wait 🙂

  6. Martin Marprelate says:

    A non-issue. AFAIK the Current Tory Party under Cameron, and I am NOT a member thereof but was in the past, has absolutely nothing whatsoveer to do with the BNP and vice-versa although it is quite possible that some BNP members will vote Conservative tactically at a General Election under FPTP and will give the Tory their Second Preference Vote if AV comes in.

    Louse Bagshawe does not come across as paticularly “Right Wing” at least not on the Social and Moral Issues for which I use that description, so I cannot see that there would be much love lost between her and the hard right BNP.

    This is simply a piece of black propaganda put up by Lavour for their own ends and ought to be ignored.

  7. A total non story. Mr Davies is a n elector in the Shire Lodge ward, he is entitled to sign anyone’s nomination paper that approached him. Labour are keep ing quiet on the fact that a blood relative of a current serving Labour Councillor signed one tof the BNP candidates nomination paperwork, touche

  8. Blondieblu2 says:

    The last comment re blood relative signing BNP nomination is completely irrelevant as the saying goes “you can choose your friends not your family”. The real problem here is twofold, firstly, our MP’s complete lack of knowledge of the bnp and its members in her constituency. You can be repulsed by what they stand for as most people are but as MP you need to know who these people are and be actively fighting against them. Secondly that lack of knowledge led to an inexperienced first time candidate (Ms Bagshgawes descrip) being able to get nominations from not just bnp members but the former PPC for the constituency as the last GE, and no-one at Corby tory HQ noticed. Is it right or fair of the tory party to field someone in this ward who is so politically naïve? Finally for Ms Bagshawe to say I don’t remember everyone we stood against is both ignorant and arrogant.

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