The campaign against the Alternative Vote has boobed. Lecherous 70-year old Peter Stringfellow, the first club owner to gain a fully nude club licence from Westminster Council, is the latest in a string of “celebrities” wheeled out during the Alternative Vote referendum campaign.

Scrapbook trusts there will be a large media buy for the advertisement below:

To echo the sentiments of PR Week’s David Singleton:

The ‘No’ campaign should have paid Stringfellow NOT to support them.

  1. Hi guys. Just a couple of points on this…

    1. In what way is Peter lecherous? I’m sure you can back this up, seeing as you’ve put this out there in the public domain, but you should probably expand as I’m sure you wouldn’t want people to assume that a blog such as yours was trying to dirty the names of anybody who doesn’t agree with your political bias.

    2. Also, you use inverted commas (well, actually you use speech marks – not sure who you’re quoting there so you should probably have a word in the shell-like of your sub-editor) around the word ‘celebrity.’ Why? Is he not a celebrity? If not, why are you writing about him? I’m sure plenty of other people say no to AV as well. In fact, my next door neighbour John is massively against it. If you’d like to knock up an article about him I can provide you with full details.

    Sneering lefties: Exactly the reason Conservatives got voted in above your shambolic mob.

    Much love


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