As those familiar with the Parliamentary email system will no doubt know, if you are going to send out an insipid email to every MP and staffer, then you have to be prepared for people to respond by telling you exactly what  they think in front of every MP and staffer.

So spare a thought for Charlie Campbell, a Parliamentary researcher who had to send everyone an invitation to ‘Northumberland Day’ on behalf of his boss, Tory MP Guy Opperman.

You might have thought that everyone would’ve been happy to have been invited to a celebration of all that is great about Northumberland as a tourist destination for two hours on a Monday afternoon, but it appears that the MP for Stockton North, Alex Cunningham, was less than impressed. In his open reply, he opined:

“Shame the government stopped the RDA’s advertising budget for tourism and numbers of visitors dropped last year in the North East whilst they increased in Yorkshire and Cumbria whose budgets were retained.”

It’s fair to say that Charlie’s area of expertise is probably not British tourism; he recently sent out a similarly open email asking if anyone fancied going skiing in the Alps with him next winter. Unfortunately, the pompous nature of the email (Scrapbook had to Google “après”) left fellow researchers musing whether it was all a joke.

What a proper Charlie.

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