Scrapbook has to admire the chutzpah of Barack Obama conspiracy theorists. In an attempt to support claims that Obama spent “over a year” in Pakistan from 1981 (presumably consorting with the enemies of America), right wing nutjob and sometime Fox News guest Jack Cashill has claimed that the following photograph of the then Columbia University student with his grandparents is a “fake”.

Photoshopped "fake" image of Barack Obama

Cashill explains:

“The bench is real. The grandparents are real. The wall behind them is real. Barack Obama is not. He has been conspicuously photoshopped in. Who did this and why remains as much a mystery as Obama’s extended stay in New York.”

YouTube video entitled “Obama’s Fake Family Photo” purports to provide a smoking gun: the original photograph with Obama absent.

The original "real" photograph

Perhaps Cashill can explain what Obama’s knee is still doing there.

  1. The second its quite clearly faked but the left hand on the first is terrible. How can his Grandfathers forearm be that long or have elbows evolved since this picture was taken? But give them their dews the first is nearly unnoticeable compared to the second terrible forgery.

  2. Wow. this is so fake. The first one is real. The second one still has obama’s leg in the picture and you used the cloning tool horribly. -_________-
    If your gonna lie, edit a better photo.

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