Distancing himself from the attacks on Nick Clegg by the No to AV campaign yesterday, David Cameron said: “I don’t run the No campaign, I run the Conservative No campaign.” By extension, Scrapbook assumes he will be apologising for the xenophobic briefing issued by his press officers.

In addition to Australia and several jurisdictions in the United States, countries using the Alternative Vote system include the Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea, ranked 137th on the Human Development Index and classified as having “low” development by the United Nations.

One can only imagine what possessed CCHQ to encourage national newspapers to print pictures of Papuan tribeswomen breastfeeding pigs, suggesting that this is “what we might have to look forward to under AV.”

The People originally reported the story this weekend, attributing the claims to “Tory campaign literature”:

Tory campaign literature says: “We’ve taken a look at Papua New Guinea and Fiji to see what we might have to look forward to under AV.”

It includes photos of topless Papuan women suckling pigs – which are “peace offerings between warring tribes”.

And it says Fiji’s Mahendra Chaudhry, their first PM under AV, was convicted of manslaughter after a hit-and-run.

It also taunts Fijians about witchcraft and cannibalism.

Having spent the past two days trying to track down a dodgy leaflet, however, Scrapbook now understands the provenance of these smears to be a press briefing from CCHQ. An email sent to newspapers on Friday attached images of topless women from Papuan hill tribes dressed in grass skirts.

The memo echoes comments made by Boris Johnson in 2006 for which he was forced to apologise:

Was this briefing composed after a long Friday lunch?

  1. This is just typical of both blundering campaigns, it just seems to be anything to avoid actually talking about electoral systems.

    I will admit this is potentially more interesting to read about that dry electoral reform literature, but its not exactly the point is it?

    Maybe we are due a relevant press release from either campaign. I live in hope.

  2. Thanks for giving us a picture of Papuan tribeswomen breastfeeding pigs, which doesn’t appear on the People website. I hadn’t heard about this practice and I sure as hell don’t buy the People, so I’d never have known about it if it wasn’t for your informative post.

    Clearly Cameron is a cad etc

  3. I understand that you are wearing a grass skirt yourself.

    What a pathetic load of bollocks. Do you have any evidence? How come your source can’t forward the email? Could it be that this email perhaps doesn’t exist?

  4. bobtoldmetodoit says:

    If FPTP is so f***ing superior to AV, as David Cameron seems to think (as the man who runs the Conservative No campaign), why isn’t David Davis Leader of the Opposition ?

  5. Guido, the tittle-tattle blogger, righteously demanding evidence? Now that truly is a load of hypocritical bollox! Get over it Guido, you’re the NASTY PARTY, like it or not.

  6. Martin Marprelate says:

    The NO campaign knows no shame and such propaganda would have earned the praise of Dr Goebbels, if not Julius Streicher in Der Stürmer in one of his anti-Jewsih rants.

    Shame on them and if I had not already made up my mind and have voted YES last week by Postal Vote such foul racists tacticts would have swung me to the YES camp. I am also glad that I resigned last year from the Conservative Party if it condones muck such as this!

  7. Martin Marprelate says:

    Richard @ 12:47

    No they are NOT “The Nasty Pary” although this latest piece of NO propaganda is pretty foul.

    Instead they are “The Miserable Party” Why “Miserable Party”, well their Economic Policies are causing misery to many. They attack the weakest and wish to force the vulnerable into any old job, they attack people’s pensions that they have worked hard for years to enjoy in their retirement, they will force people to work longer even if they have no wish to do so, they attack the Health Service in their so-called “reforms” , they will be reducing even further Civil Legal Aid which means that the disadvantaged will not be able to defend themselves against Bad Employers, Slum Landlords, Dubious Businesses etc in Court. They have the same interfering “Nanny Knows Best” attitude as Labour on people’s private and personal behaviour such as smoking and are indeed Neo-Puritans. Theresa May called the Tories, “The Nasty Party” as she being a “liberal” did not like some of their Social and Moral Policies. For my part I detest many of their Economic Policies and their nosey parker attitudes, “nudging” etc and I call them “THE MISERABLE PARTY”.

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