The resignation of a local representative in Lancashire brings the total number of Liberal Democrat councillors to have quit the party to more than 50 since the general election.

Cllr Abdul Rehman sits on Blackburn with Darwen Council, the 17th most deprived borough in the country which has suffered the 5th highest level of government cuts.

“That is simply not fair and is a betrayal of everything that the Liberal Democrats have previously stood for … Over the last few months it has been difficult not to feel embarrassed by the long list of Liberal Democrat broken promises but the severity and unfairness of the government cuts programme is, for me, the final straw.”

Research by Political Scrapbook makes him at least the 51st Liberal Democrat councillor to have quit the party in disgust at the unholy alliance with the Conservatives.

But we’re sure to have missed some.

Please get in touch and let us know which ones.

  1. This is a damning statistic, but would have more context set against the total number of LibDem councillors – what percentage have defected?

  2. Would also be interesting to see figures for Labour & Tories. I suppose it might just be that counsellors get bored easily. Saying that, considering the circumstances, I can’t see them being comparable.

    Its good to see those below the national figures in the Lib Dems are showing some distaste for what is a clear abandonment of quite a lot of their principles.

  3. As a previous Winchester University student the Highcliffe area was only going to be a temporary stay for the Libs, from what I remember it was a Labour seat most of the time I was there.

    I think its time for the Liberals to oust Clegg, he obviously doesn’t see eye to eye with the main morals the Lib Dems hold close to their hearts and having him in power is only losing what little vote they had.

  4. In Doncaster 3 Lib Dems have left. 2 have joined Labour and one is standing in the local elections as an independent.

  5. This figure needs to be compared against average number of councillors lost by any of the big political parties in a year, then weighted for the number of councillors each party has. It may be that losing 50 councillors in a year is statistically significant.

  6. Anthony Masters says:

    However, the defection of one Bath and North East Somerset Lib Dem councillor was to the Conservative party, and not to the Labour party, so I do not see how this particular defection can be seen as caused by “disgust at the unholy alliance with the Conservatives”.

  7. The councillor in Canterbury was deselected for, among other reasons, non-attendance. He then joined the Tories and has been selected to stand next month for them.

  8. Lorna Spenceley says:

    Well, your Harlow entry is factually incorrect for a start. 1 councillor, not 2, has left the party ‘since the General Election’ which is the stated starting point for your figures. The article to which you link refers to a second defection, but that was in January 2010 (before the General Election, not since) and can hardly be said to be ‘in disgust at the unholy alliance with the Conservatives’ as that was the party the defector joined. Actually, the disgust was wholly on the Lib Dem side in that instance, and she got her well-deserved come-uppance in the elections the following May when she was soundly and deservedly defeated.

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