With the mainstream media picking up our story on the curious absence of Nick Clegg on Liberal Democrat election literature, Scrapbook’s attention has now been drawn to a leaflet which neglects to mention the party at all until the sixth page.

In what may set a new political record for the fewest mentions of party affiliation in an eight-page pamphletWyn Williams is variously described as:

  • “A local campaigner”
  • “A Montgomeryshire Man”
  • “Montgomeryshire’s Assembly Candidate”
  • “A charismatic individual”

The leaflet — which is also notable for its vomit-inducing “lifestyle magazine” presentation — eventually makes fleeting acknowledgements of his association with the Liberal Democrats on, erm, pages 6 and 8.

In what must be close to another record, Williams includes 24 photos in his literature and in only one can you spot the hitherto ubiquitous orange “winning here” signs. No mention either of the former Montgomeryshire MP, Daily Sport columnist and current Mayor of London aspirant, Lembit Opik.

Perhaps their collective bout of insanity from 1997-2010 is a sore topic in northern Powys.

  1. Lib Dems need to get stuck in.

    If they don’t like what Clegg and the party are doing, voice it and make some trouble. They could even be more inclined to vote against what they don’t like. Hiding is just a bit sad.

    It they do still support the party, they should stop vote grubbing and going with the popular opinion, and put an argument for it all forward. I wouldn’t agree with them, but I’d have more respect if they came out and just said ‘What we are doing is right, so we are going to carry on’

    At the moment its bit more embarrassing than it needs to be. No sign of that ‘new politics’ yet. Man were we all a bunch of optimists.

  2. Barry Edwards says:

    We had a Lib Dem ‘lifestyle magazine’ delivered here in Islington South during the General Election for all the good it did them. Still it probably keeps a few printers in employment and that’s not to be sniffed at these days.

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