1. Afraid…hmmm I’m not convinced. Looked like a piss-taking little wise guy to me. Extending his logic I can only assume he would be all in favour of houses being broken into in order that hard evidence of misdoings can be obtained. Prezzer should have just chinned him for the national good.

  2. Prescott is right about one thing, the whole debacle represents a serious deterrent to a lot of people planning their future. If becoming a grey skinned, sweaty little sleazy bag-man for the press who harps on his neo-liberalist bullshit contradictory agenda, then I for one don’t want to be a journalist.

    If becoming a politician and RIGHTLY defending the decency and privacy of citizens is so repugnant to this particular journalist then I guess that’s at least got the nobility and value deserved – having been elected.

    I think this is a serious misrepresentation of a country who I believe aren’t constantly huddled in a corner in a paranoiac frenzy snooping on their loved ones phones, and furthermore this pillar of bilge should be put in jail or deported for treason, I am proud of who I vote for, and who I vote for deal with incredibly sensitive issues – if you want to hold your elected officials to account, there’s this weird thing called democracy, and a governance system hotly debated over night and day by those that care – I’d rather NOT use the lens of the misogynist, desperate pile of SHIT that is the news of the world to view the importance of the running of MY country!

  3. Sorry some of that didn’t make sense, but I am utterly enraged by the nouse of that disgraceful shambolic and smug sleaze. The point is (as I can’t edit my previous post), that NOTW and invasive journalism is in no way the correct method to analyse those who are charged with running a country. It’s their mere existence that we have such punch and judy politics in the first place.

  4. Agree with most of your sentiments, John, but your facts are a bit schew-whiff.

    For approaching two centuries hacks have held our elected representatives to account for every aspect of their life, by whatever desperate means available. This happens in every free country in the world. What do you propose, a democratically elected committee that analyses the scruples and private lives of every politician before publishing a weekly report? Hacks definitely aren’t the primary cause of Punch-and-Judy politics, either.

    I’d say that the News of The World’s ability to slander politicians (short of illegal phone-tapping!) is a indicative of democracy and free speech at large, and something that we can be curiously proud of, although I’ll agree that the NOTW is a “mysogonist, desperate pile of shit”!

  5. I agree with you bar a couple of points. It is not the NOTW who are to be the inroads into a democracy, they are a side effect of our open liberalism, which is fine. The inroads into democracy should be created in and of itself; that’s why we are currently seeking to reform our electoral system, to find the most appropriate way to indicate public preference, accountability and representative support. Scrutiny of elected representatives comes at the ballot box, from censure within the commons, from lobbying and above all from individual citizens contacting their representatives. This may not seem very efficient, however one of the problems we currently have is a system based around trust of tabloid hackery coming up with the goods on our behalf, and a generic level of trust in the “news”.

    This means we can pump out widespread generalisations about what a government or MP is doing, however it is always through the political filter of the host newspaper. Worse yet is when, like this ridiculous reporter, abritrary parts of the politicians’ lifestyle are apparently somehow relevant. To be honest, if he could’ve saved us from mass unemployment, unwanted wards and improved standing with foreign countries, and any number of other requests on the public wishlist – i’m fairly sure we wouldn’t give two hoots about marital infidelity apart from with passing disapproval.

    The celebrity driven politics with x-factor added flavouring is almost totally down to newspapers of this ilk. Headlines with aghast moral outrage create the negative effect of pulling a stupidity veil over politics in general. Due to lack of more objective information, people resort to “well he seems genuine” and “he has a nice smile” and “he’s loyal to his wife” as reasons for an electoral vote, not down to the nitty gritty of their daily grind (y’know, running the country and making decisions that matter to us) – because the stupendously oversimplifying UK press feel we’re too dumb to comprehend it.

    I’m most proud of the under-represented, over-patronised people of Britain, who far from being the tit-gawping neanderthals the NOTW and Sun think we all are, are more than capable of comprehending the nuances of REAL politics, and learning the implications of the input of different politicians. Unfortunately until we make an example of NOTW, stop the rest of the mainstream media supplicating to the same principles and Murdoch’s grip on our societal perspective of our leadership, we will continue to be showered with half-baked, condescending toot from greasy little shits willing to intervene into the secure environment of the leadership of the country, in order to make a quid or two.

    These papers give implicit approval to being a moron, and it just isn’t right.

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