A poll showing an 11-point polling deficit following news that the Sun giving its backing to the SNP has caused something of a Brown trousers moment for Labour strategists in Scotland — but not in the way you might think. While his dour demeanour may do him few favours south of the border, Gordon Brown remains one of the Scottish Labour Party’s strongest electoral assets.

Yesterday saw him hitting the campaign trail with Scottish leader Iain Gray. And this isn’t the last Scots voters will be hearing from the former prime minister before 5 May. A trusted campaign source told Scrapbook:

“Iain Gray is viewed as lacking gravitas in comparison with Alex Salmond. But there’s no heavier hitter than Gordon. He’s the 500-pound gorilla of Scottish politics.”

The Nats will be providing Gillian Duffy with free transport to Fife.

  1. “Gordon Brown remains one of the Scottish Labour Party’s strongest electoral assets”

    And therein lies the problem. There appears to be a bit of a talent drain, whereby particularly competent/charismatic Labour politicians ending up in Westminster rather than Holyrood

  2. Gordon Brown to the rescue.

    Jonah Brown?

    The Labour Party(North Britishire sub section) is gubbed, definitively gubbed.

    Oh Happy Days when whatzis name washed etc, and on a Good Friday too.

  3. Martin Marprelate says:

    Well that’s the kiss of death for Labour at Holyrood then. I bet Salmond and the SNP are delighted!

  4. Quite a strange tactic. The Labour vote may have held up very well in Scotland in 2010, but that was due to fear of a Tory government, not a ringing endorsement for Brown. I don’t see why wheeling out a guy who is a proven election loser should turn around Scottish Labour’s fortunes.

  5. Ha Ha Ha bring back Brown the man who along with all his grubby pals ruined Britain. He never won an election. What’s his slogan “Vote labour you bigots or I’ll bounce a mobile phone off you”

  6. Gordon Brown a proven election loser !!!

    Unlike Cameron who won….. no, just a mo, didn’t he snatch defeat from the jaws of victory ???

  7. Martin Marprelate says:

    Indeed he did David Dee but that was as a result of alienating many of his core voters, a crap campaign with no theme nor direction, Steve Hilton’s bad advice, a Manifesto that looked like a Maths Textbook in its plain light blue cover and with a pompous and woolly title, the gimmick of “The Big Society” which was soon seen though as a con trick to make people perform for free and in theor precious leisure time those services they have already paid for in their Taxes both National and Local.

    Subsequent events have proven that Cameron is not fit to be PM and the sooner he and what I call the “Miserable Party” are out the better! Why “Miserable Party”, well their Economic Policies are causing misery to many. They attack the weakest and wish to force the vulnerable into any old job, they attack people’s pensions that they have worked hard for years to enjoy in their retirement, they will force people to work longer even if they have no wish to do so, they attack the Health Service in their so-called “reforms” , they will be removing Civil Legal Aid which means that the disadvantaged will not be able to defend themselves against Bad Employers, Slum Landlords, Dubious Businesses etc in Court. they have the same interfering “Nanny Knows Best” attitude as Labour on people’s private and personal behaviour such as smoking and are indeed Neo-Puritans. Theresa May called the Tories, “The Nasty Party” as she being a “liberal” did not like some of their Social and Moral Policies. For my part I detest many of their Economic Policies and their nosey parker attitudes, “nudging” etc and I call then “THE MISERABLE PARTY”.

  8. I’d heard he was only helping his friend Alex Rowley in Dunfermline and not campaigning any where else.

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