Ed Miliband is to have his adenoids, tissue at the back of the nasal cavity, removed to improve his voice. While James Lyons’ exclusive [link] has not been published online at the time of writing, the front page of the Mirror reports Miliband’s aides have advised him to have the op to help “turn him into an election winner”:

Scrapbook earlier entered “Ed Miliband nose” into Twitter to gauge when the story broke online. The search results may explain why advisers are so keen to see their boss go under the knife:

But will Ed go private for the procedure?

  1. Of course he should go private. It is not a medical procedure, but a cosmetic one. It would be a waste of NHS resources for this to be done, without medical reason to do so.

  2. To remove the entire pharyngeal tonsil in one blow seems a terribly rash thing for Ed to do. Why not go more steadily, and remove half of it, over a period of four years?

  3. Martin Marprelate says:

    I have the same problem my self, a deviated nasal septum and sleep apnoea . I have had no sense of smell for over 10 years now which can be an advantage more often than it is not.

    I am NOT a Labour voter but I sympathise with Ed Miliband in this situation and the operation may indeed make his voice more attractive.

    Will it help him and Labour win the next General Election whenever that occurs? I think the the Conservatives under Cameron, and Clegg’s Lib-Dems are already doing a first class job of that for him!

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