Despite working in the Treasury on Black Wednesday, David Cameron has decided that now is the time to attack John Major’s government, calling it, erm, “bad”. In making the case for maintaining First Past The Post, Cameron has insisted:

“In 1997 the country needed change. It was a decisive result.”

Perhaps Dave should take a look at the “No” campaign’s own website, where he would learn that the Alternative Vote would have “dramatically exaggerated the winners’ majority”. Labour’s majority in 1997 was 179, but “Tony Blair would have had a majority of 245 MPs under AV.”

Would that have been decisive enough for the Conservative Party?

  1. Martin Marprelate says:

    Oh dear Dave. This is what one gets with an Eton education, the best money can buy? I’m sure Sir John Major will not be giving you tickets to Lords!

    As we approach the 1st anniversary of the May 2010 General Election it is wryly amusing to think of the non-joined up Government, the Gaffes, the U Turns, the faltering steps in a given direction then running for mummy’s skirts at the first whiff of electoral grapeshot. I’m afraid Dave you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting and will take a bath on May 5th in the various elections being held that day.

    The only reason that Labour are not more than 6% ahead is that they have an ineffectual leader in Ed Miliband. Perhaps the pending operation on his adneoids will at least make his voice more attractive.

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