Chris Grayling is facing calls for a sleaze probe over potential breaches of the ministerial code after the DWP minister named a £28,000 donor to his private office as a preferred bidder on government contracts worth millions. This week’s development is not without irony, however, given Grayling’s previous role as one of the Tories’ main attack dogs on breaches of the ministerial code!

After Cherie Blair undertook a lucrative speaking engagement while her husband was still prime minister in 2005:

“It was always quite clear to me that Mr and Mrs Blair did not break the ministerial code, they were certainly acting in breach of the spirit of the code.”

On David Blunkett failing to follow procedures on appointments for former ministers in 2005:

“I am astonished that Mr Blunkett has broken the Ministerial Code on yet another occasion. This is getting beyond a joke.”

Accusing Gordon Brown of a breach in 2007 over ministerial travel:

“Relations between Gordon Brown and Tony Blair have deteriorated so much that he’d rather break the ministerial code than formally notify his neighbour about his overseas travel.”

On the removal of a ban in the ministerial code to allow ministers to sit on company boards:

“Gordon Brown promised to restore trust in politics. Now the small print shows he’s actually watering down standards of ministerial accountability.”

Any information on the whereabouts of Chris Grayling’s high horse will be gratefully received.

  1. Well done for pointing this out – 2 Labour Prime Ministers and a Home Secretary breaching the code. I’d almost forgotten these, there being a surfiet of other wrongdoings between them.

  2. I’d forgotten how sleazy Labour are. It is a pity they didn’t send any of the Labour cabinet to prison.

  3. Nobody does sleaze and hypocrisy quite like the Tories. Potentially lethal combo. Is there a single minister left in Flashman’s cabinet that isn’t now considered “Damaged Goods”?

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