Voters in Prestwich, Greater Manchester, might feel Liberal Democrats were more “in touch with local people” if they relied a little less on lame pro forma copy produced 200 miles away — or at least bothered to proof read their leaflets.

Scrapbook wishes Candidate Name every success in his/her campaign.

Image: Kev Peel

  1. Yes it’s a she. It’s actually Candida Tename – (three syllables) – the final e has an acute accent.

  2. Notice the “….can’t win here” which indicates yet another LibDem dodgy bar graph on the page.

  3. Well, if you bother to put leaflets out, it’s bound to happen. Labour would never have that problem because they don’t give two hoots about engaging with people until they need their votes.

  4. Actually, Matt, it’s only bound to happen if you’re too lazy to write your own leaflets.

    Fun fact: you can engage more with what voters actually care about if you write something about what you plan to do as a councillor, instead of filling your leaflet with centrally-written platitudes and misleading bar graphs.

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