David Cameron is presumably now regretting telling Angela Eagle “Calm down, dear” during heated exchanges on the NHS. Her shadow treasury team colleague Ed Balls was certainly not impressed, repeatedly calling upon the prime minister to apologise.

In a transparent attempt to “win back the wimmin”, Cameron then claimed that Tory MP Sarah Wollaston was a future Commons speaker.

“I have to say to the honourable lady she is a lot better at getting them to shut up than I am. A future speaker in the making.”

Number 10 are attempting to spin this as a “humorous remark”.

They’ll have to do a lot better than that.

  1. So I presume you’re a long-standing campaigner against all those Michael Winner ads where he uses the phrase?

    After all, I’d never expect this site to stoop to guido-esque cheap politicking…

  2. The Michael Winner commerical, the “calm down” joke is more the one on Michael Winner himself. What Cameron was doing, was being very patronising towards her. It was the typical, childish, schoolyard playground nonsenses that put normal people off Westminster politics.

  3. Stop being so po-faced. It was an average-to-good joke. Of course you’re not offended, no-one was.

  4. “It was an average-to-good joke”…. really?? Recycling an irritating phrase from an old advert is humour? Gosh. And there was me thinking it was just a cheap, lazy put-down.

  5. Jack Roberts says:

    Anyone expending just 1 picojoule of political energy on this is an idiot.

    Giving women the vote was a mistake in the first place. This nonsense is an inevitable consequence.

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