Yesterday we showed how the British National Party was running out of money, today we can reveal that it is running out of candidates as its activist base is decimated by defections and infighting. Research by Political Scrapbook shows the party has lost 70% of its in its candidates in target “heartland” areas.

A comparison between 2007 and 2011 for councils where the party previously stood five or more candidates shows ward nominations reduced from 545 to 166. The most dramatic collapses include:

  • Sunderland: 27 nominations reduced to 0.
  • Leeds: 33 nominations reduced to 2.
  • Kirklees: 22 nominations reduced to 4.
  • Bradford: 17 nominations reduced to 1.

Charnwood in Leicestershire, home to the largest number of BNP members in the country when the membership list was leaked three years ago, sees 14 running under the BNP banner reduced to just 3. Among the growing list of councils to confirm that they have no BNP candidates are Gateshead and Oldham, a huge blow for Nick Griffin. After winning a seat in the European Parliament he said:

“We will be in Oldham as often as there are local people, good people, willing to campaign for what we see as winnable seats. I definitely think we can get on Oldham Council.”

Errr, so why don’t you field any candidates, Nick?

The only Union Jacks most people will see on election day, will be left over bunting from the Royal Wedding.

  1. I don’t think we should write the BNP off just yet, apparently the reduced candidate numbers is due to debt & the fact that some RO’s have been sacked/suspended.

    The big question is – How many candidates will they have next time around?

  2. Could be good news, or they could be getting smart and focusing their efforts on winnable seats. The National Front made the mistake of standing candidates in over 300 parliamentary seats at the 1979 general election to give the impression that they were a growing party, and in the end it cost them a lot of money and they came away with nothing. This could be good strategy on the part of the BNP.

  3. Jon its not a strategey believe me the party is in turmoil.Griffin claims to have raised over 2 million in funds over the past few years yet it is now over £500,000 and rising in debt ? The members are no longer walking from the party they are running as griffin is a snake oil salesman.Fatigue has set in amongst the members with membership and donations all but dried up.Do not be surprised if some kind of winding up order is made against Nick Griffin in the not too distant future.

  4. Where are you getting your figures from? They look wrong to me!

    Southend-on-sea has 3 candidates running for Leigh Town (parish) Council and and 2 candidates running for the full Southend elections – thankfully it’s down from 7, but it’s not down to 0 just yet. It’s also worth noting that the National Front are also putting up 1 candidate in Southend.

    I really think caution is needed, particularly with the National Front putting up nearly 30 candidates, a serious push is needed to make sure that these groups are crushed at the ballot box – many people on the left are busy making sure that Lib Dems and tories lose out, but it’s a danger that they end up allowing these racist groups to succeed.

  5. Any idea on how many English Democrats are running? Last elections the BNP didn’t run in my constituency but the English Democrats did so it may be interesting to see whether or not membership is fleeing to such groups.

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