Great spot from the eagle-eyed Amber Elliott over at Total Politics. In keeping with the “do as I say not as I do” attitude of senior ministers, Michael Gove is advertising for two speechwriters just two days after Francis Maude and Danny Alexander announced an extension to the civil service recruitment ban.

The move to hire two £42,000/annum spinners to “work closely with Ministers, advisors and senior officials” comes after Gove hired Conservative strategist James Frayne as the department’s Director of Communications and against a backdrop of 100,000 civil service job cuts.

The Department for Education were granted exemptions from the recruitment freeze on the basis that “no suitable candidates could be found internally”. With the administration of the Tories’ flagship free schools policy already outsourced to the secretive New Schools Network, run by the Education Secretary’s former special adviser Rachel Wolf, Scrapbook has to ask:

Does Michael Gove trust civil servants with anything?

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