Will Coalition tensions boil over in the run up to the AV referendum? This morning sees Ian Swales, Lib Dem MP for Redcar, suggesting that David Cameron should consider resigning as Tory leader:

Championing the First Past the Post electoral system in a speech to spring conference in Cardiff on Sunday, Cameron told the Tory faithful:

“Do you realise that under the system they propose, candidates who come third can actually end up winning?”

Or, indeed, second! Swales’ tweet references the 2005 Tory leadership contest, which was conducted using rounds of voting that redistribute preferences in a similar way to AV:

So will Cameron resign as proof of his commitment to FPTP?

  1. Steve Howard says:

    No one can in their wildest dreams think that Cameron would ever resign on a matter like this. That man will still be hanging on to power when all around have drowned in his sea of sleeze. Sprayed with WD40 since birth he will ensure nothing ever sticks to him !!!! I bet if the truth was known he will have bought most of the votes he got to get elected as leader of the tories anyway. His apprentice, The yorkshire goon tried to slip out of his mistakes over Libya in the Commons yesterday the same way that Cameron does over every U turn he is forced into.

  2. Sebastian Tombs says:

    and if he resigned as PM, would the pledge-breaking Clegg take over as PM? You know, the one who came third in the General Election, and has lied and cheated his way into being deputy PM?

  3. El Scientifico says:

    Typical hapless Lib Dem – can’t even get the names of his coalition drinking buddies right!

  4. Eurgh, cant believe the morons that comment on this. We’re not obviously suggesting that Cam would actually resign. Its a matter of principle we’re talking about.

  5. This is a good illustration of what a weak argument that Cameron is using to try to get a No Vote. Cameron came second in the first round of the Tory leadership election, so under FPTP should not be leader (perhaps this is what he means when he says under AV, you get your second choice!). No2AV will increasingly have to keep Cameron out of the way in the remaining weeks of the Referendum Campaign because he is living proof of what a dishonest and absurd campaign that they are running.

  6. Only 198 people vote for the leader of the Conservative Party? Good gods. And they have the audacity to say we all vote for who we want to be PM at General Elections (a tip, we don’t, the only thing we ever vote for is an MP to represent our constituency, we have never voted for policies, for a government, for a PM or for a manifesto. We’ve voted for an MP, a manifesto only ever gives us a guide to what those MP’s will want to try and do in parliament. A lot of people need to learn how our parliamentary system works)

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