Is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson failing to distance himself from an increasingly unpopular Tory government? UK Polling Report write:

First preferences apparently show Ken on 46%, Boris on 44%, with second preferences re-allocated Ken remains ahead on 51% to Boris’s 49%.

But here’s the killer part:

When ComRes last measured London mayoral voting intentions in October they found Boris ahead of Ken by 44% to 35%,

That’s an increase of 11 points for Livingstone in just under six months since the last such poll with Boris stalled on 44 percent. While Ken’s lead may be narrow this poll will set the fear of god into the Back Boris team.

There’s no denying the direction of travel.

  1. Duncan Dunnit says:

    Ken is way ahead of Boris, the only thing Boris can be proud of since coming to power is fathering a child by one of his Olympic art advisers.


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