Yesterday’s Commons fixture with the Deputy Prime Minister wasn’t for the squeamish. In the words of Guardian sketch writer Simon Hoggart, “Question Time with Nick Clegg was awful, grim, nerve-shreddingly ghastly. You yearned for him to wake up, sweat soaking his pillow, realising it had all been a horrible dream, a mother’s soothing hand on his brow.”

The highlight of this parliamentary bloodsport was John Mann.

The first Deputy Prime Minister in British history to fail to turn up to work when the Prime Minister is abroad for a week. I think I am wanting to ask: what is the point of Nick Clegg?

Suffice it to say the drawn-looking Lib Dem leader was not impressed.

Deputy Dawg would rather have been anywhere else.

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  11. Nigel Cunningham says:

    I nick Clegg is such a waste of space, then why was the Guardian telling us to vote for him at the last election?

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