The Tory who branded anti-cuts protesters a “collection of retards” has been subject to an official complaint from the mother of a disabled child. The Conservative leader on Hull City Council hit the headlines after Scrapbook exposed his rant against those viewing a council meeting in which 1,400 jobs were axed in £65m cuts.

David Cameron has been called to act against Cllr John Fareham after Unison organiser Steve Torrance revealed several people with physical and learning disabilities were in the public gallery at the time. Julie Corbett, who was at the meeting and also on the local Learning Disability Partnership Board, wrote of her “shock” and “horror” at the remarks in her complaint to the Standards Board:

“One of my children has a severe learning disability and if I was aware that this word was used about her I would consider it a hate crime.”

A Facebook group has been set up calling for Cllr Fareham to be sacked as group leader and forced to stand down as a councillor in May:



And we all thought dinosaurs were extinct.

  1. A Tory councillor in York chose to make derogatory personal comments about my disability – comment 3 by ‘joewatt’ in this article in York Press is an example:

    This is Cllr Joe Watt You will note he is on the ‘Equality Advisory Group’ and ‘Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee’.

    It shouldn’t even have been disclosed to the councillor that I’d told the council officers beforehand that I’d said I might need wheelchair access, since I was able to manage without one on the night. It is even less appropriate for a councillor to disclose my access needs without permission to the media, for cheap political point-scoring.

    It was frightening enough that a bad reaction to the meds which keep me alive resulted in my spending a few days being too ill to walk, and having to use a wheelchair for the first time in public was scary & humbling, when I am more used to being able to run marathons. Cllr Watt really shouldn’t have drawn attention to this in a derogatory way, or at all – my ability to walk has nothing to do with the validity or otherwise of my arguments.

    I am furious. Any suggestions for who I could complain to, please?

  2. In today’s Hull Daily Mail newspaper, it was revealed the Lib Dem run Hull City Council has severely cut funding for disabled children.
    It has cut funding to KIDS a national children’s charity for disabled children, which provides a much needed portage service to disabled children in Hull who are under school age. The service involves specialist workers providing one- to- one care for disabled children and supporting their families. The service will come to an end at the end of the month.
    The Lib Dem run council has also cut funding to the KIDS charity for other projects for disabled children.

    The patron of the KIDs charity is none other than our own Prime Minister, David Cameron!

    The Lib Dem run council has also cut all funding to the Early Years scheme that provides other support for disabled children under the age of 5.
    It has in addition severely cut funding for other services for disabled children in Hull.

    The leader of Hull City Council, Councillor Carl Minns, has refused to comment on the cuts to disabled children in the city.

    Speaking into today Hull Daily Mail, parents of disabled children said’ this disgusting decision is wrong’.
    The regional Director of KIDs (who is also a parent of disabled children), expressed saddens and deep concern for the parents over the Lib Dem run Council cuts.

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