A photo that was taken during yesterday’s NHS Day X march in the City of London appears to show workers at Deutsche Bank grinning and waving money at the protestors below. A little rich from a company that was found guilty of £50m worth of tax avoidance.

If you look closely, you’ll see that this Gordon Gecko wannabe only managed to find a tenner to wave.

After all, we are all in this together.

Hat-tip: John Rentoul

  1. workers at Deutsche Bank”

    “A little rich from a company

    You get there’s a difference, right? 😉

    Seriously though, I found it rather amusing despite actually agreeing with the protesters. I wouldn’t want to think the staff are inside cowering, thinking they’re going to be accosted when they leave work. After all, none of them are likely to have any say in how much tax their employer pays.

  2. @ M de Unger Brown – Nobody claimed it was a criminal offence. The point is that it is unfair and immoral. The idea that everything that stays within the letter of the law is fair game is precisely what’s at issue here.

  3. Sorry Mr. Unger Brown, but “sensible, responsible tax mitigation strategies” is just newspeak for theft.

  4. Alex Clinkard says:

    Great banter. Tell it Mr ungar brown. Maybe some of these nurses should study investment banking instead of medicine if they want a bonus? Would have thought the joy of helping people would be enough for these people, knowing that investment bankers are stuck in an office crunching numbers all day, thats probably the first bit of fun that guy has had all day!

  5. i love the poor of britain. their government gives them lots of cash for nothing but when they have to pay for it…the complaining starts. heaven forbid that anyone should leave their public sector job and do anything useful. i don’t see why people criticize the bankers, although the government owns some of the banks, the bankers own you. they are the people that have been selling the rope for you to hang yourself with. instead of complaining take some responsibility for your own life. we’ve had the free money, now welcome to the jungle.

  6. And when that little idiot’s penis enlargement operation goes wrong, where will his private health provider ship him off to…. oh, right, the publicly-funded NHS.

  7. Nice post, Dwight. Apparently this fella is unemployed now, at least that is what DB says. So, if his PEO does go wrong, he might very well need NHS. Poetic.

  8. “Maybe some of these nurses should study investment banking instead of medicine if they want a bonus? ”

    Jog on mate, nurses dont study medicine.

  9. How shameful. I wonder how many of the bankers use the NHS when they need patched up after a night out! They should be hanging their heads in shame!

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