With the Department of Communities and Local Government facing possible 40% job losses over the next two years it seems Eric Pickles now wants stretched staff to help with the gardening. Word reaches Scrapbook that workers have been “encouraged” to help with the watering of now neglected office plants.

Are these the “green shoots of recovery” we were promised?

  1. If an office has to send out a memo asking people to water plants that are in obvious need of it, you have to wonder about the quality of the staff working in the office.

  2. The choice is pay someone to water the plants (obviously stupid and wastefull, you can hardly justify such expense when private companies are having or have had to cut to the bone to stay afloat), water them, or get rid of them.

    Or in other words, get on with it.

  3. It gets my goat when people miss the obvious; namely to employ one of the many graduates from the University of the Outskirts of Somewhere in the East Midlands to water the plants. That couldn’t be beyond even them could it?

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