The architect of the Conservative Party’s alliance with the Ulster Unionist Party has been sacked for abusing his position in return for sexual favours. As head of policy for the UUP Brian Crowe worked closely with CCHQ and Tory front benchers to develop the controversial link between the two parties. The Belfast Telegraph reports:

The Ulster Unionist politico, who is right at the heart of Government in Northern Ireland, described in a series of online conversations about “grooming” lobbyists before suggesting to them that he could carry out their wishes in exchange for sexual favours.

Crowe bombarded a lobbyist with 18 obscene photographs of himself, some emailed from his hotel room while on a taxpayer-funded visit to the USA, after having met her on an internet chat room. The whistleblower claimed:

“He talked about how he used the website to find women to have sex with. He then moved on to reveal that he had been doing political favours for lobbyists for sexual favours.”

Crowe is thought to be close to Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Owen Paterson, with whom he shared a platform in Belfast for a seminar entitled “A Conservative Government: what will this mean for Northern Ireland?”

To top it all off, Crowe was a former full-time Church of Ireland minister.

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