The day before the giant anti-cuts protest in London the media narrative has shifted to the potential for violent confrontation driven by a small minority. With this in mind, leaving paving slabs unattended on Whitehall is more than slightly naive.

This can only heighten speculation around agent provocateur tactics.

We all remember the riot van don’t we?

  1. Perhaps they were left there in advance by the troublemakers…After all, prior planning and preperation prevents a piss poor performance

  2. Minor points, but they are outside 1-3 Parliament St on, er Parliament St. Not Whitehall.

    On the other side of the road is HMRC, not HM Treasury.

    I’m not sure the protestors will appreciate these semantics, but it would be helpful.

  3. A minority are likely to use violent means. That’s more than simply a speculative claim.

    Whitehall is on Parliament Street. It’s the big white building. You can’t miss it!

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