The spoof posters produced by young Tories at York University and published by Scrapbook at the weekend were cringeworthy but ultimately benign. It’s a pity the same can’t be said for material to emerge subsequently, which was deleted in haste from their Facebook group:

We’re sure Tory high command will be, erm, thanking the committee for producing literature with David Cameron crowing over the recent hike in university fees. Indeed, the student society has something of a reputation for rebelliousness with its chairman being expelled from the party last year for urging voters to support UKIP in the European elections.

Don’t hold your breath on that graduate role at CCHQ, lads.

UPDATE: The offending Facebook group has been made private. [RING RING] “Hello, this is CCHQ. Can I speak to the society chair, please?”

Hat-tip: the enterprising David Levene

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  10. The very best education should be for everyone. Every child and young person should be given the opportunity to reach their potential through the education system regardless of their financial background. It’s a human right.

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  16. Why did not Cameron close down the Department of Overseas Aid ? Just a bloody joke. The country is bankrupt , thanks to Brown , Balls , Miliband , Cooper etc so why give taxpayers’ money to others ? About time we left the EU . Majority of the electorate want this. Roll on the revolution. We could do with one. Clear out the rubbish in Westminster and start again.

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