The strapline for Tory-aligned PR agency Westbourne is “Change opinion”. Is this because they can’t make up their own minds?

With False Economy exposing plans to slash over 50,000 NHS jobs the anti-cuts campaign came in for attack from the Conservative establishment, including the true blue spinners at Westbourne. In a blog post entitled “The site behind the 50k-NHS-job-cuts story”, the agency set about their hatchet job: the outfit “claims to be grassroots, but is funded by major stakeholders” and online campaigns guru Clifford Singer is a “sparky, tech-savvy ideological iconoclast”.

All in all, looks more like a fan-site for a not-very-popular pop band than a major political movement.

But what did Westbourne partner James Frayne say about False Economy in November?

Professionally speaking, it looks like an excellent campaign site and exactly what they should be doing.

Well at least the campaigners now have one more admirer within Whitehall.

Frayne has today been appointed Director of Communications at the Department for Education.

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  5. The irony, or is it hypocrisy, is that one of the key services Westbourne offer is building grass-roots support sites for corporate and quasi-govermental bodies to back up the own campaigns. They call these ‘third-party endorsement sites.’

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