Warren Swaine, the councillor sacked from the ruling executive of Reading City Council after Political Scrapbook highlighted his tweet about black MP Chuka Ummuna, has been officially suspended from the Liberal Democrats. A party spokesperson said:

The Liberal Democrats have a zero tolerance policy on racist comments and behaviour. The regional party has suspended Councillor Warren Swaine pending further investigation.

The Reading Post reports:

Before his suspension Cllr Swaine came under fire at Tuesday’s full council meeting from the leader of the Labour party Cllr Jo Lovelock who called on the council to resolve “in the spirit of the Reading Declaration and its zero tolerance of racism that Cllr Warren Swaine should resign from the council with immediate effect”.

It looks like Cowley Street “don’t understand satire” either.

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  10. Stuart Singleton-White says:

    It is worth pouting out that at Reading’s full council meeting this week both the Tories and Lib Dems supported Cllr Swaine and voted down the motion. I wonder if they’ll be spending the weekend examining their consciences?

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