With the axe set to fall on more than 50,000 NHS jobs, no one can say Cameron doesn’t have a sense of humour. In addition to the airbrushed posters and now laughable claims that the Conservatives “will increase spending on the NHS every year so we can protect frontline services”, Dave also spent the end of 2009 plugging a petition to protect the NHS from spending cuts!

Citing consultancy on health reform commissioned by the previous Labour government, the petition (PDF download) claims:

[The report] said that one in ten NHS jobs should be cut — and many of them frontline staff like doctors and nurses. Labour would put 137,000 NHS jobs at risk — jeopardising frontline services.

So that’s 53,150 down and 83,850 to go!

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  3. However, aren’t the bulk of those job losses phased in over a 4 year timeframe, and none are expected to be redundancies, but simply not filling job vacancies when people choose to leave the NHS?

    For the average company, a 3% staff turnover level over a 4 year period would be quite good – so the NHS is almost certainly below the national trend for staff leaving a company.

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  21. PeeJay: I was under the impression that due to inflation, spending in real terms was actually going down. Perhaps I’m wrong.

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  37. If investment in the NHS is not keeping up with ‘NHS specific’ inflation, at the very least, then there are cuts. So be true to your poster in both the letter and the spirit – at least keep one promise.

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  56. I dont trust or believe any of you anymore, if you were living in the codictions some of us are then i would even vote. sad, dispointed,skint jax

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  70. Spending is going up. The government will spend an extra £3bn on a reorganisation that make it ripe for privatisation.

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