While the Scrapbook team must profess ignorance of Arabic idioms, the full transcript of Gadaffi’s 70-minute address from a bombed-out shed last night seems to render some interesting quotes:

“If they don’t follow Muammar Gaddafi who will they follow? Someone with a beard? Impossible.”

“If I were a President, I’d throw my resignation in your face!”

“These are gangs of drugged cockroaches!”

“Muammar Gaddafi is not a normal person that you can poison.”

“Those bunch of rats and cats they have been paid to disfigure and tarnish the reputation of our country.”

“We have defeated Italy. This is glory.”

“A small group of young people who have taken drugs have attacked police station like mice .”

With all the rats, cats, mice and cockroaches, it would appear Muammar is longing for some anthropomorphic wonderland.

So would he be feeling more cheery if Caracas had a petting zoo?

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