Plans to rescue British nationals from Libya continue by air, land and sea. With the MoD incompetently briefing journalists that an RAF Hercules plane was on its way to the stricken country when it was not, at least we know for certain where HMS Cumberland is — for the time being at least.

The Type 22 frigate was deployed to Libya to protect shipping routes and will be thanked for its services by being  scrapped on return to HMNB Devonport with a loss of up to 1,000 sailors in Plymouth. The vessel was previously home to Chris Cranmer, the first registered Satanist to serve in the Royal Navy.

To the chagrin of Ann Widdecombe, top brass even gave clearance for Leading Hand Cranmer to perform devil worship while on board.

Hat-tip: Luke Pollard

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  5. This just goes to show how quickly things can change, and why the defense review should be reopened. If things in Libya had not kicked of for another few short months, then things could have been a lot worse for those stuck waiting for help. I have to wonder what problems are just round the corner for our shrunk armed forces

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