Far from the madding crowds of Oxford Street, the voices of young tax protesters are carried through to the rarefied air of HM Treasury, where Scrapbook can reveal civil servants are being trained on the UK Uncut tax avoidance campaign.

With the barbarians literally at the gate, cracks are starting to appear in the consensus (not to mention the windows) at Horse Guards Road. Our informants have spotted a trailer for this fascinating seminar on the front page of the corporate intranet, pompously titled The Red Box:

This follows hot on the heels of the Revenue and Customs board meeting last week, where the Commissioners were sent into a spin by the UK Uncut media campaign and had a substantive discussion about setting more tax inspectors on the big firms. But don’t expect to see that in the minutes.

Having buffeted civil servants, will the chill winds of tax justice reach Gideon Osborne and his 17 millionaire friends in the Cabinet?

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